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Subject: *Love*
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renisha2 11/5/2006 - 8:57:35
Heya evri1 i wana knw how do url cope wid da upz n especialy da downs in ur rel8nshipz do url just gve up on love or do u guys take da chance n fyt 4 love? *

amarnda 3/9/2007 - 3:30:10
hi renisha,r u da grl frm 9e2?mmm total drama.GIF,how c*m ur nt found?r u deleted?nowing u,ur a fighter wit da mouth if ur da renisha i know *

amarnda 3/9/2007 - 3:31:33
did u go kissing.GIF ? *

amarnda 3/9/2007 - 3:34:28
thats what id do,lol,il start a imemova.GIF cat fight,just jokin,il only do da above,tee_hihi *

amarnda 3/9/2007 - 3:36:09
but in other cases, slap.GIF *

amarnda 3/9/2007 - 3:36:47
but in other cases, slap.GIF! *

amarnda 3/9/2007 - 3:40:25
and then i'll (trio_dance) triodance.GIF (trio-dance) all da way to independance...... *

beau 7/25/2007 - 8:49:20
Everything is uncertain in this world.love come and go. And dats the way love goes. *

kkley 24.01.08 - 11:02pm
The first thought i would do is gettin on bad. . . But then i ll just cool down and wait like a predator *

illmatix 24.11.08 - 11:15pm
Most of da tym love tends 2 hurt us more dan actually keeping us happy which means dat u r not guaranteed dat love will always bring u happiness... *

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