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Subject: Girl-girl relationshp
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menchi84 8/24/2006 - 3:20:37
How does it fil 2 hav a grl-to grl reltnshp? Hmnn..stil dnt knw,y? Becoz i hvnt bin nto 1,nt juz coz i dnt want to,bt becoz d ryt 1 hasnt c*m yet..1 grl had courtd me b4,bt i said no,y?becoz she thought evrythn was nly a joke,how cool is it?no..defntly not! I was hurt for learnin to love her,i juz hop 2 fyn tru one.. *

princet2 9/5/2006 - 9:23:39
Dnt u wana av a boy-grl relationshp?or avnt U bn in2 1 b4?or avnt u met a lovin s*xy tender n carin 1?or dnt u wana xperience d greatest excitin sweetnes in it?or u need a ryt man?bud me i will giv u complet best s*x education.xx *

princet2 9/5/2006 - 9:52:58
Avnt u bn in2 boy-grl relationshp?or u avnt met a complet lovn, tender s*xy honest n carin man?or u need a ryt man?or u dnt wana xperience d greatest xcitin sweetnes in it?or u avnt found a man dat tenderly or hard?bud me 4 complete enlightenment on grl-grl n boy-grl relationshp *

xsammij 9/5/2006 - 2:21:57
please join my group girls s*xyladiez *

switd 28.09.07 - 10:08pm
Ok both of u then had difrnt frndshp in mind,bt r u redy now or xperimentn,al i say is do wat ua heart desires,..am arnd if u wana talk..wateva ua decision am bhind u. *

maria1w 12.11.07 - 01:57am
well4 me,i love being n relationships wit women cause 2me,womenwant 2b loved more so than men,it seems men base everything including ther relationships on s*x,&i just love women i have since i was 5 *

7_eleven 13.11.07 - 03:20pm
Hi gurl .. *

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